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Early Termination of Lease Residential

Hello Sincere apologies for late response. Notification went to spam. The agents and /or landlord are acting illegally, under old practices. Here is the new legal position: The Rental and Housing Act...

Sep 10, 20215
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Mar 22, 202115
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Divorcing what are my rights

Hello Dhana Apologies for delayed response. It is indeed a common and despicable practice, where husbands, anticipating divorce go through elaborate schemes to hide assets of the joint estate. You can...

Mar 22, 20215
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Early Termination Residential

Hi Karla In the past landlords could hold tenants liable for the full term of a lease agreement, if the tenant prematurely terminates and moves out. Not so anymore. The Rental Housing Act 50 of 1999...

Dec 12, 20205
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Is an OTP valid if the seller (company) was in process of AR Deregistration

Hi Brenda In the first place the seller has no right to declare forfeit your deposit, assuming you breached the OTP. Even if a forfeiture is written in the contract. If you breached the contract what...

Dec 9, 20205
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Landloard keeping our deposit .

Hi Ryan. The landlord is taking the law into his own hands. The Rental and Housing Act requires the landlord to refund the rental deposit and interest accrued within 7 days of expiry of the lease. ( Deposit...

Nov 19, 20205
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Car Repo

Hi.  Yes. She can get it back. All they want is the money. She should approach the finance institution or bank which financed the vehicle and offer to pay the outstanding balance. When paid they will...

Nov 18, 20205
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Nov 15, 20201
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Nov 15, 202015
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Buyer claims that we intentionally did not disclose defects on the property and now wants to sue us.

Hello Here are the legal principles with respect to property sold “as is “ (voetstoots) but which turns out to have latent defects ( hidden ) 1) An estate agent’s misrepresentations is binding...

Nov 15, 20205
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How can my fathers will still be executed as is when he is married in COP?

Hello Aamina Firstly I would assume that your mother’s marriage was registered by an Imam. And that she was the only spouse of your father. To begin with any signatory to a Will is not entitled to...

Nov 2, 20205
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UIF payment to employee by employer if neglected to register employee

Hello Craig Your question has just been brought to my attention. Since your gardener has worked for more than 4 years , he would have been entitled to 365 credit days for payment under the UIF. As a...

Nov 2, 20205
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Policy implementation after the fact

Hi Melissa Sorry for delay. This was due to a technical glitch. Firstly your company cannot compel you to submit to a company policy that violates your constitutional right to privacy,  and which will...

Oct 26, 20205
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Oct 16, 202015
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Can my manager not allow me to have lunch with my husband in my office?

Hi Elena Great hearing from you. The rule that you cannot have lunch in the office with your husband makes no sense. Neither does it make any sense for any other work colleague who wishes to meet in an...

Oct 16, 20205
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Oct 7, 202015
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Contracted to a company – given breach of contract notice

Hi Michelle It is indeed correct that you should not walk into an ambush without taking legal advice. Any attempt to summarily cancel your contract on an alleged breach must attract  damages. On the...

Oct 6, 20205
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Oct 2, 202015
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Unfair promotion

Hi Nontsizi Thanks for your question. As I understand it, the two hospitals operate as separate entities. And that the CEO of West End, becoming the CEO of Kimberley Mental Health Hospital is a promotion....

Oct 2, 20205
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Misuse of company time

Hello Farah Thanks for your question. Firstly the Labour act requires that employers must not act in a manner that could destroy the mutual trust between an  employer and an employee. You have a right...

Sep 29, 20205
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