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I graduated from Rhodes University on the Dean’s List for academic merit. I was then employed as a Legal Researcher at Johannesburg based company known as Legal Research Solutions (LRS) from May 2014 until January 2017. I am competent with a wide array of legal search engines including but not limited to Juta, LexisNexis, SabinetLegal, NetLaw, WestLaw and Heine Online. Currently, I am employed as a Legal Advisor at Omni Investment Group which operates as a private equity investment services Company aiming to invest in restaurants, lodging and hospitality, residential and commercial real estate in the Johannesburg area. I have the potential to grow in any position and make a positive contribution to your company. I am academic at heart and also have pertinent in depth experience in a wide array of legal fields. I hold a BA, LLB, have excellent drafting skill and formulate concise, clear and understandable legal arguments even when it applies to complex legal issues.