We are having harrowing experience with the City Of Johannesburg with respect to utility bills, that is not in our name. My son fell sick and passed away, leaving two children behind. He was a single parent. We, the grandparents moved into the property to look after our grandchildren. We got an invoice for electricity and water to the tune of 40000 rand with interest which we informally tried to pay off in instalments. Nevertheless someone from the power utility however came to switch off the electricity and later another one disconnected our water supply. After a back and forth engagement with officials we were compelled to sign an acknowledgement of debt form to settle the amount over 24 months, before service was restored Due to the circumstances, we did. Are we not being held to ransom, since we are not responsible for the debt and are only there to assist with the kids? We have been paying the amount due since we moved in. We are Pensioners and can hardly afford the instalments on this “acknowledgement of debt” that we are not responsible for. Is it valid?

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Gauteng