I am a South African citizen currently living abroad and the owner of property in South Africa. I signed an agreement with a reputable estate agent to find suitable tenants for my property, and deposit the rental into my bank account. The result has been disastrous. The first tenant defaulted on payment and vacated after damaging my property. I was assured (after a bitter complaint) that the requisite due diligence would be done before another tenant was allowed in, and that there would be no repeat of the incident. I consequently signed on a new tenant approved by the agent. It only got worse. After 3 months this new tenant never paid a cent for the next 7 months. After the first default I complained to the management of the agency who assured me that they would solve the problem, to no avail. They also failed to evict this tenant and recover the rental after repeatedly requesting them to do so. Haven’t they been grossly negligent? And if so what is my legal recourse. Can I recover from the agents all the damage, arrear rental with interest and the cost incurred travelling up and down from Germany to try to resolve the issue? How about miscellaneous costs including the commission deducted by the agents on the deposit while failing to use it to cover the arrear rental? How shall I deal with this tenant from hell who still occupies the property?

Category:  Property, Rental and Housing Tribunal

Region: South Africa, Gauteng