My daughter is renting a room together with her 2 year old son. Another person is also renting a room at the same address. On weekends the tenant gets visits from his friends and they drink and party. Due to this my daughter is now threaten by the neighbor that he will call the social services to remove the boy from his mother. She does not associate her with this tenant or friends and keep to her self. Now neighbor is saying that he is not looking after her boy just because he is dirty during the day when he plays in the sand as any 2 year old child does. She does not neglect he son and he has a warm bed to sleep in and a warm bath to bath every day. He is very healthy and have enough to eat every day. They may not be rich but she looks after her son. Unfortunately I am living 400 km away but do support my daughter financially when ever she needs something for her or the child. My daughter is in a sate of shock due to this person spreading the word that they will call the social service to remove the child. The neighbor told my brother in law who also stay in the same neighborhood that he is going to give her 1 week and if things do not approve he is going to make sure the social services removes the child from the mother. What can we do?
Concerned Farther

Category:  Civil Matters, Defamation

Region: South Africa, Limpopo