Good day,
I am a research scientist on a contract of 5 yrs. Here at work, I
have a colleague whose similar contract of 5yrs ended in March 2019. The
employer has given him 2 months extension contract with remuneration
from his incentive funding (the employee is paying himself from the
money he accumulated while publishing papers and from the grants he received). Now he receive an email from his line manager that
he has to come for performance review. All permanent or long term
contract (5yrs or more) do performance review. My colleague did his performance reviews for all the 5yrs of his employment. The performance review
enables the employees to qualify for a performance bonus, depending on
their performance, which comes in annually in the month of October.
However, my colleague is only given 2 months contract (April and May 2019). Is
this fair that he has to do the performance review? Should my colleague say no and make his line manager aware that he has a very short term contract?

Category:  Labour and Employment, Unfair Labour Practices

Region: South Africa, Western Cape