Hi. My father passed away March 17. His 2nd wife was the sole inherit in his Will 07. His car was registered in my name June 17. His 2nd wife wants payment for it, no contract. shes also selling my dads house, my & my sisters only inheritance. We didnt know we can claim on my dads estate, no one advised us. Can I now submit a petition at the court to reopen the estate as his biological child & how much will it cost me in SA. I am not signing the contract she wants now, a yr later, the premium is not as we originally agreed verbally. I paid some of the money in cash to her, but she denies it. Can they take me to court for debt, but no contract? I am under debt review/restructuring & cannot afford the premium she wants. If I can claim some of the money for his house shes selling, the car & on some of my dads pension, I will be able to settle my debt, but the estate was closed in April 18 – please advise, then Ill have to see an attorney.

Category:  Estates, Succession with a will

Region: South Africa, Gauteng