My divorce date is now the 5th of febuary
For past two years of the divorce time I have been paying Child support out of my own will My ex and my daughter are on medical aid I (discovery) My ex was the first one that moved out of the house.
I gave her all the furniture so that she don’t have to start over. We are under debt review and married in community of property. I have been paying all the debt including hers for the past two years. Only thing I kept is the motor car that is still financed through mfc.
My daughter just started school now, so im paying maintenance and school fees and she has a policy with liberty and shes on medical aid. Now My ex wants me to still pay the full amount of maintenance plus the school fees. Now I cant do both so I said whatever is extra on what I can pay I need to deduct off the maintenance amount as there is no court order that defines this.
I told her I can only afford so much but she booked our child in a very expensive school and did not want to consider other schools.
Because my divorce date is now 5th of feb I took my wife off my medical aid as there is proof that she misused the maid in such a way that there was no funds left for my daughter and me. And thats the reason i took her off.
Now question: even though im paying school fees maintenance a policy for the child plus medical aid for her and paying my ex debt how will the high court see this? Do I have a good chance to see my daughter more often? Will I need to pay more as my net is about R18 000 per month
Heres a break down:
Net R18 000
Debt R7050 including hers
Policy R817 Child
Insurance R1219
Maintanance R1375 it was R2600 but due to school i cant afford more
School R1725 for Child
Water and lights R1400
Lawyer R1300 Still owe him he said i can pay off each month
It leaves me with R3114 left for the whole month food etc…. and i see my daughter every second weekend that is not enough but ja
And fyi she works as well but her salary is R7000-00

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Maintenance Issues

Region: South Africa, North-West