me and my wife have now been separated for almost 2 years and also not living together for the same time period, as i cannot afford a lawyer.
So Beginning of January I applied for credit card limit increase at the bank and the bank declined and said i was blacklisted by a school where the kids are currently getting their education.
So when i confronted my hopefully soon to be ex wife, she said that she put my details as responsible person for paying the account without me knowing,

We are married outside community of property, so she has no right to use my information as a responsible person for any account.
secondly never did I sign any documentation from the school accepting responsibility, also never did i get any communication that i was the responsible person, never did i get any communication that an account was in arrears so that i could prevent this blacklisting…

now i have been blacklisted for over R45000.00 of which i never agreed to pay, never signed any responsibility… my wife used my details without my knowing and consent, which i see as fraud.

what can i do, what should i do, I need help please.

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Getting divorce

Region: South Africa, Gauteng