I started a Telkom Internet Data contract about two years ago, with a WiFi router, for R999 p/month. The package includes 100Gig p/month, which I have never once used up myself.
However, Telkom has without fail every single month of the entire contract term charged me anything between 1.5 & even sometimes 3-4 times this amount.

Their excuse has been that I kept loading different packages and going out of bundle – I have never. I did finally after more than a year get instructions from them on how to control these ‘packages’ – on a login screen where I as the consumer cannot remove them and am clearly told by Telkom’s page to contact them directly to have these removed.

They have not successfully once removed these.
This, my urgent query:
* If my WiFi had been hacked (which is what they have suggested occured, although I found no proof thereof), am I still liable for the exorbitant Telkom invoices over the last two years, despite my fully detailed paper trail documenting how I have for 24 months tried to get them to simply take all extras off and lock the contract on the basic deal, as it says in the contract I signed?

* Am I still liable for the supposed ‘packages’ that kept being loaded every single month (and never even used) even if I yet again have a paper trail proving that I have for over a year tried to stop these things, while they have simply been ignoring my legal instruction and charging more and more?

* Lastly, what do I do regarding this?

Christian Lee

Category:  Consumer Protection, Fraudulent Behaviour

Region: South Africa, Western Cape