Good day,

In September 2016 I divorced my ex husband, due to emotional abuse, but was forced to state that the divorce was due to communication issues as to avoid any further abuse.
I just wanted to get out of the marriage as I was scared for my life, but now after treatment with a therapist, I feel that I was treated unfairly by my ex-husband and his family.

We were in a 14 year relationship and I have always been the main bread winner, supporting every big aspect and expense of our life as he had his own business and did not earn much. He was identified by my therapist as a narcissist, and portraying those personality traits. He on a daily basis discriminated and controlled me in such a way that I was totally emotionally and financially broken down, by the time I left him. I finalized the divorce through a mediator as he threatened me if I was to sue him.

I don’t know if it is too late for me to act on the situation, but I want to know what my options are, as I feel the divorce was unfair and I was forced to agree to the final divorce but emotionally could not handle the situation well.

Please advise what I can do in this regard?

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Getting divorce

Region: South Africa, Western Cape