Hi there,
Please advise on the following.
I am currently in the midst of a dispute with a rental agency. I gave the agency more than 20 days notice of my intention to cancel the fixed term agreement effective the 31st of December, which they accepted.
I did my part in securing a new tenant (whom has already paid a deposit), however the agency has allowed her to only move in at the end of January—without informing me of this intention. I was then informed, only after I had vacated the premises, that I will be responsible for the rent of January (even though I have officially cancelled the lease as effective 31st of December).
They are also holding my deposit until the new tenant moves in, from which they will deduct a further cancellation fee of R800. The agent is also refusing to do an outgoing inspection until the end of January.
Please advise on this, as I feel that it is unfair treatment and in contravention of the CPA and RHA.
Thank you,

Category:  Property, Rental and Housing Tribunal

Region: South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal