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I Kicked my husband out of the house because he abused alcohol and drugs, physically abused me as well. We have 2 children together (i have 1 of my own) and he does not pay maintenance and I am struggling on my own to pay all the bills and bond. I have lost all of my savings, cancelled all my insurances and now I am under Debt review as well. Have school fees to pay but am struggling to keep afloat. I am struggling to cope and I am even behind on my payments for the debit review. Can the bank assist me in selling the house or what are my options? How do I get real help. I do not have a lawyer as I could not afford it anymore, my ‘husband’ has a lawyer and is using it against me. I just do not know what to do anymore.

Category:  Marriage and Divorce, Maintenance Issues

Region: South Africa, Gauteng