I will be away on my annual holiday from 6 Dec – 14 Dec. The landlord is demanding that I give her access to the house for a show day even though I am not in town and I am not ok with this. The lease states that the tenant needs to give the landlord access to the house for “at least 2 Sundays a month” for show days but, due to the time of the year and me being out of town, I am not able to give her access for 2 Sundays in Jan 2018, only 1. The lease also states the tenant must allow reasonable access for the purpose of showing the premises. I have offered her access any weekday from 07h30 to 19h00 from my return, as well as on weekends as long as it’s by appointment, which I think is very reasonable, as well as a show day on the very next weekend. She is refusing this and demanding a show day.

Please let me know what my rights are in this case or will I have to allow them access to “my” home with all my personal belongings?

Many thanks
Michelle Walton

Category:  Property, Rental Matters

Region: South Africa, Gauteng