Can furious family members contest a will if I already have the title deed. They live inside my house. One has living rights to the back section and the other is a wrongful occupant. (The aunt) who has been living here for about 9 year she claims. I feel like a prisoner in my own home even if I have the title deed. It’s only myself and my daughter age 12 who has to live in this situation. My mothers siblings are in there sixties. And have kids who are well off. But this house my grandmother left an signed will stateting she gets the house becos she was never married. And the eldest son(uncle was married) And the aunt never stayed here she live almost her entire life in durban. My uncles daughter is a judge at high court. And an advocate but she’s helping him with advice. This house is a council house that my grandparents owed. This uncle asked his daughter to draw up both my grandparents will leaving him alone with the house and no one else gets anything. His upset now and what’s to take over the house. The aunty is also involve and vulgar. We receive the title deed on 16 October 2017. But he says that he contest. But I know he’s bluffing. But now I need to get these people out the house immediately before I or my daughter commits suicide becos of living rights. I’m just scared. My grand was alive when she got a new will from standard bank leaving the house the my now late Mother who passed away last year.2016 My gran passed away 2010. All the right documents. I got protect order against uncle. The aunt has protection order against me so on the 18th of january 2018 we will appear to see if this will be granted. I’m so tired and nervous and fearful. These are spiteful people. What are my rights now until the 18th. I do have the title deed. Who can tell me that I have the right to change the front door locks so they don’t have access. My daughters future is at stake and she still very younger. I feel like I’m a prisoner

Category:  Estates, Succession with a will

Region: South Africa, Western Cape