I recently removed my son from a daycare. Upon removing him, I was invoiced a penalty fee. I consulted with the institution and was advised that it was for late submission of documents in the beginning of the enrollment 5 months ago. I disputed the charge and was advised that I will not get my child’s possessions until I pay this penalty. I then requested a copy of the contract, but was denied this, and was forwarded a copy of the registration form, but refused a copy of the contract. I then went onto the school’s social media page and wrote a review with regards to my unpleasant experience. Today I received an email from the schools attorneys threatening with legal action if I do not remove the review. I would like to know what my rights are with regards to voicing my opinion with regards to my experience, and why I’m being threatened for posting a review expressing my unpleasant experience. I would also like to know what kind of action will be taken against me, should I not remove my review. Please advise. Regards, Peter.

Category:  Telecoms and Media, Social Media

Region: South Africa, Western Cape