I was involved in an accident where a driver switched lanes and hit my car, he was drunk and was driving very fast (on a 60km/h road) and not to mention that he’s law enforcement. The people to first attend the scene were metro-policemen and they took statements, the police came and didnt do anything, they stood there watching. The following morning I went to the police station to ensure a case was opened for the person would almost killed and the lady who seemed to be high ranked said yes and followed on by giving me a case number. I then proceeded and put through my claim with the insurance. The insurance company did their investigations and while doing so they were told that the guy had died in hospital and had to seriously invest the case since there was a mortality, mind you the police are nowhere to be found. Road accident fund also visited me and took their own statement which they compared with that of the metro-policemen and they went off. Insurance came back to me and told me all was good and they check my statement and through their investigation all seems to be in my favour. A year later a guy calls me and said “I need to come and obtain a statement from you and your girlfriend(who was with me on the day of the accident), I told him I will not sign anything that Im not sure of and he is still calling and insisting that I sign the statement, how can I resolve this?, is this even legal for his to harass me like this with phone calls?


Category:  Criminal Law, Victims of Crime

Region: South Africa, Western Cape