Repairs to the bathroom, kitchen and lounge have been not attended to after a year therefore one months rent was not paid. Thereafter an appointment was made for repairs to be done. After repairs were sorted which is not good, agent advises that rent needs to be paid as repairs were done however not paying the rent after one year of repairs not being down was the result of things being fixed. How can I be advised the next steps forward as we clearly have gone through an ordeal with the conditions we lived in for over a year and now the agent and owner as they say I just can’t not pay the rent. I don’t want to pay the rent as if we look at all the inconveniences caused to us due to these issues, it would cost alot more than what one months rent is worked out too. Besides not paying the rent for this issue, can I be advised as to further steps that we could accommodate in this matter?

Category:  Property, Rental and Housing Tribunal

Region: South Africa, Gauteng