im running a printing and designing business……around february i rented one of local shops . and paying a rent of R2000 a month
so around march i complained to my landlord about quality of toilet im forced to use. a toilet is inhuman to be used . and this makes it difficult i run a business in such space. and i suggested to my landlord we nid proper toilet.
around october i realized she fail to put toilet and while im busy paying rent and same time we dont have proper toilet. we decided to held rent money till she apply toilet for us.
so. and i did explained why we held that money.
so i even asked her we nid receipt as proof of payment as i realize i cant carry on paying rent with no proof. so this month i told her the only way i give you rent money is when you give us proof of payment or u gv us banking details and we use it as a proof of payment. thats where everything started and suggested as long i dont give her money she will change locks and she evicted us even though shes not aware damage shes doing in my business without proper toilet and no proof of payment . so im looking for legal advice and steps i can follow against my landlord.

Category:  Property, Evictions

Region: South Africa, Gauteng