the employer has stopped me from working saying there is no enough work for me he will call when the business is back again, it was a short notice, I was given a notice on friday when I was knocking off that effective from Monday i’m stopping work… but in the mean time the work i was doing was being taken somewhere to an outsource, so the question would be if the work is not there for me why are they taking the job elsewhere.I filed a claim with CCMA the first date I was not notified the was an error with my numbers on their systems so I had to appeal and I was given another date to appear and the employer now claims that I absconded work hence the dismissal and again he claims that he has been calling me but he couldnt reach me that was in the arbitration meeting we had and I gave my side of the story.I feel the employer didnt follow proper procedures in the whole process, so just recently I received an sms saying I will get an ward in favour of the employer. So my question is what does that mean? Kindly advice further what legal steps can I take going forwards

Category:  Labour and Employment, CCMA Complaints

Region: South Africa, Gauteng