Good day
My nieces attend a private/independent school in Cape Town. The one is due to be grade 7 next year, and a younger sibling in grade 1 next year.
The older one has been excluded from the school citing bad behaviour, which means the younger one has to be removed as well. Also this was done about 3 weeks ago – quite late into the year.
We have paid monies for deposits for stationery for both children, but the school is refusing to pay it back, instead they are now handing over the case to a debt collector.
Aside from that, registration monies had been paid for the younger one to keep her place, but no forms had been completed for this application.
The total amount is almost R4000, and I was only asking for the just over R2000 for the stationery seeing that the kids won’t be attending the school any longer.
No where did it mention that this deposit is non-refundable. Also, the school promised on paid-for-services such as computer lessons, which the kids do not receive.
What legal action can I take to get our money back?
Thank you and kind regards

Category:  Education, Admissions

Region: South Africa, Western Cape