Good day. We moved into a house end of December 2016. In Feb we received the water bill and it was almost R9000. The owner wanted us to pay the whole bill. It turned out, she was behind on the water since Oct 2015. She could not prove how much water we used, and wanted us to pay a huge amount R2100. At that time the meter was read we were living there 14 days. In May we had a leaking pipe, I asked 4 times to have the pipe fixed. They never came to fix the pipe. After a month, we fixed it ourselves. Once again, huge bill that she wants me to pay. I’m afraid they are going to deduct this amount from my deposit. What can I do. P. S. The agent that rented out the place is also not a registered Estate agent

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Nothern Province