I have been leasing current premises for the last 9 years from Sanlam Business Properties via GENSEC who has now been changed to JHI Investments. When I took occupancy of the unit, the floors were covered with carpets. I am now being told to reinstate the floors to a bare screed condition, as that is in the lease agreement. My question is; Why did my landlord not enforce this on the previous tenant, who left these premises in the condition it was leased to me in? I am prepared to reinstate the premises to the condition that I received it in. I feel this is fair. Why must I be held liable for what they failed to recover from the previous tenant. I trust I have given you enough information.
What would you advise me to do in this case please? Financially I/we are not by the means to afford an attorney, hence my reason for having to vacate the premises by end of December 2017.
Regards – Glynn Burgess

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Western Cape