This is my situation:mother took a run for it on the 4th of december… Eversince she is refusing me too see my child for a day or 2..ive been begging her for almost 2weeks now.. All i want is to see my child and ill return him back 2 his mom… She ignors my pleads and/ive already paid a R1000 towards maintenance… Just to secure my place.. My family receives fotos from her mom (my child with her new bf, but she restricts me even from seeing him alone
… Wk en i advised legal help she presented me with the visit i can come to her own rulling… Im broken and feeling alone… Just want to see him alone for now then ill be happy too… Like she is… Feels like she is dragging it into the new year i cant wait that long its allready been 2 weeks what can i do to be able to fetch him leggaly without getting arrested

Category:  Family Law, Custody and Guardianship

Region: South Africa, Gauteng