A lady in the Motor-industry, Secretarial/PA trained and qualified, but working Switchboard for many years now because of rationalisation and downsizing in the Industry, helped out in the Cash Cubicle (Cashiers) during November 2017.
Although having completed a course to help out as Cashier, it is not her normal job and she doesn’t do this very often, resulting in some monies going to the wrong place/department and not showing up where it should be.
Even after three weeks, the Company and their travelling Accountant, plus any other parties, have not resolved the issue and pressure remains from the top and other people to find the misplaced money, but to no avail yet.
The secretary, back on Switchboard duties, has presented herself to help with this issue, despite being very busy with incoming calls as usual, but have been “sidelined” because of this and is now also treated with a “cold shoulder.”
Although being “over” to an amount of ±R 10 000-00, i.e. money that still has to be sorted and made to go to the right place, the woman is now being intimidated into signing an ‘IOU’ for the money that’s been misplaced (NB:- NOT lost or stolen)!
What can be done about this situation, please? Any and all advice are welcome.

Category:  Labour and Employment, Employment Relationships

Region: South Africa, Gauteng