Good day,My name is Anne I reside in pretoria,I have been living with my son on a premises owned by a J Fraser,I have been paying my rent each month never ever skipped,however His daughter is staying in the main house,and for the last year ,I have been beaten,threatened,sweared ,insulted,attacked verbally by herself and her children who’m are grown ups,I cannot move since I do not have a deposit,the living conditions inside the premises,has been harsh to say the least.our roof collapsed on us while sleeping,my things gets stolen.the house inside and around is in terrible conditions,however I had no where to go my budget didn’t allow it.I have asked the owner please please fix some of the issues in regards to the housing cause its a safety issue.Never happened.I was never supported from his side,last night his daughter evicted,me stating she is the “new landlord”without me receiving any notice from owner.in fact I already paid my rent for this month,I have no where to go ,I have ask numerous times for a copy of my contract from owner never still today received one,I also lived without a contract for one year prior.There are more then # premises here,not legal I assumed because its seperated build on premises and in good Hiding ,In other words you will not be able to see it from street view,reason i had to move here that time was because my husband was killed ad me and my boy had no where to go.And it was deposite free,I otherwise Have no problem staying here ,but because I request to get things fixed like water running from the roof on our beds,ceiling falling from roof,floor splitting open our feet,rats running around,constant harassment from his daughter ,and Sexual harassment from her husband,I am being bullied in being thrown out,I have seen the owner #3 times in my life,never did inspection,nor attend to any of my complaints,or foreseen to the safety hazards that we live in.Now yesterday she announced she is the new landlord and I must get out,Please Help Me?

Category:  Property, Evictions

Region: South Africa, Western Cape