I have been working for a company link Africa in Cape Town as a senior technician

In December 2016 got a call from an old acquaintance MR Hennie Thompson (Paarlberg Consulting) a consulting firm specializing in fiber optical networks for video Internet and FTTX services.
He informed me that he bought new equipment and can get contract work but he needs a good technician to come and work for him.
He offered me a partnership for sharing in the profits and promised that he will get me a vehicle.

The equipment

Splicing machine ALK 88
OTDR Tester and power meter tester
Tool bag

He informed me about MR Arthur Schafer and that he appointed him to the business as Technical manager for servicing of the equipment and other daily tasks.
Mr. Thompson had a vehicle and the vehicle Renault kangoo panel van and the vehicle was not in a very good condition and unsafe to operate. He told me that he will have MR Schafer drive me daily to site and drop me off in the evenings. Mr. Schafer drove me on a daily basis for almost a month and after I told MR Thompson that I am not receiving any paperwork or what was promised he bought a vehicle and MR Schafer do not longer have to drive me anymore.
Mr. Schafer and I became friends and we both thought that Mr. Thompson is not fare to us.
I learned From Mr. Schafer that the above mentioned splicing machine ALK 88 was His and does not belong to Mr. Thompson
MR Thompson made a deal that if MR Schafer Borrow R70000 that he will buy the equipment and they will share in the profits and also Mr. Schafer would work for paarlberg consulting as a full time employee at that time as a project leader.
Mr. Schafer informed me that he borrowed the R70000 from his mother in law and it will still show on his bank account and that he still have the receipt.

Mr. Thompson said that he will bring a technician on board and they will all share the profits that the tech brings in to the company.
Profit sharing Technician and operator 50%
MR. Thompson

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