Good day

I urgently need a lawyer, but i can not afford one. Please can someone contact me and help me. My ex boyfriend hit and kicked me and left. We have a daughter together. She is 1 year old the 14/12/17. He wants to take my child away from me. He has no reason to do that. We have a parenting plan, but its not working. Two days by me then two days by him. One weekend by me and one by him. She will not be able to be stable if this continues.

He has a protection order against me. He records me every time i pick up or drop off my child at her cresh. He rents a room at the premises.

Please help me. He is making my life a nightmare. He is not paying any child support, but he does pay her cresh thats R1200 pm. And he said if i moved her to another cresh that i will pay. I can not afford it.

I am paying R1800 pm for our transport and i can not afford to pay for the cresh as well.

Please help

Category:  Civil Matters, Magistrates Court

Region: South Africa, Freestate