i am a father of two i have been divorced for more than seven years i have shared custody with my x wife , both my kids live with there granny my x mother inlaw my youngest 8 years has been brought up by her granny from birth and has always lived with here even while we where married my oldest 11 years has also been 90% brought up and lived with her granny she would stay with us now and again but only wanted her granny after the divorce she was permanently with granny and they are very happy and i could not ask for a better place for them to be . For 7 years its never been an issue i pay my maintenance to my x mother inlaw and so does my x wife the schooling we both pay direct to the school, we alternate weekend so one me one the mother and one granny and holidays same principle, Now the mother has decided that she wants her kids back and is forcing them to go live with her and the kids dont want to and are an emotional rec , what can i do to make sure that my kids stay with there granny for it is in there best interest. there mother has never raised them nor looked after them ever , the reason we got divroced was cause she was messing around her new husband drinks excessively and there life style is not one which i would like my daughters brought up in

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Region: South Africa, Gauteng