I have several complaints about my employer and I don’t know what to do. He seems to be getting away with murder in regards to the labour law.
There is clear nepotism in the workplace.
I am forced to work overtime without compensation.
My weeks are always in the region of 60hours.
I have been forced to work during my leave.
While several other employees may take leave whenever and as often as the like I am only allowed minimum leave once a year.
I am verbally abused atleast once a week.
I don’t recieve a payslip, even if I ask.
None of us receive an irp5 even if we ask.
I know that I am not registered for UIF.
I am pretty sure there is tax evasion taking place.
Whenever I lodge a complaint I am told that I will do as I am told or I can go and work elsewhere.
Due to the extreme working hours my health, both physically and mentally has been suffering from it, but the last time I was sick I was told that I am sick too often even though I have taken minimal sick leave and earlier this year I worked for about a month with acute kidney infection.

Category:  Labour and Employment, Unfair Labour Practices

Region: South Africa, Freestate