It has been 4 weeks since a truck from RTT drove into my parked vehicle while doing deliveries. I have done everything they asked me to, quotes, paperwork sketches photos etc. The damage on my 2003 Polo is between R43 000 & R49 000, the car drives but there is damage to the rear wheel and my whife feels uneasy drining it. Whenever I make contact with them they are very rude with no feedback on the claim for repairs. The vehicle is used by my family at home as I am working away from home. Now at the moment they are without transport and have to make alternative arrangements to buy bread, milk and other daily essentials. My son that is in grade 3 must walk to school and back where he was normally dropped off and picked up. I need to get this car fixed ASAP but they dont see the haste. Is there any way from a legal perspective to get this matter solved as soon as possible, or to ask for a rental car till my vehicle are operable again?

Category:  Traffic Matters, M.V. Accidents and Claims

Region: South Africa, North-West