i have moved out a house that i rented and after i moved out the owner went to inspect and phoned me and said that the pre paid meter has been tampered with .i then went to the house to see ,the one seal at bottom of box is broken off,to which i admitted that it accidenty broke of due to the box being inside a cupboard that we used and something must have brushed against it.the top seal still looked intact ,untill the owners friend who was also there ,pulled it off to show me its broken too.the sticker on the side looks like its been cut down the middle to break the seal.i have never noticed this.
i have never tampered with the box ,what are my rights now?the owner says he going to report it to the municipality.
when we moved in we never had a inspection took place with the owner ,and when we moved out we also never had an inspection with the owner .
about 8 months ago a rental agency took over the lease agreement ,and never did any inspection with us either,when they took over or when we moved out .

Category:  Property, Rental Matters

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape