I have been suspended from my job where I have been working for over 5 years, in April of this year 2 fellow colleagues of mine left to work at other companies, we then decided to open our own company doing exactly what my current employer does, which is why now I am being charged.

She is also charging me damages to stealing and approaching her clients.

I have never approached her clients or pitched for any person, we secured work for a client that my company had used before only due to the fact that one of my partners was now working for the company and she was actually now the client, I never approached this client.

I have admitted to guilt on opening a business but not approaching any of their clients

She is also charging me for conflict of interest but why does the company have clauses in their contacts and policies and procedures that only apply to certain staff, is this fair, a fellow colleague actually was in her disciplinary and was suppose to get dismissed because she leaked confidential company information to our client and then after the hearing she told my boss that I have another company, now nothing has happened to her, how is this not unfair?

Category:  Labour and Employment, Disciplinary Actions

Region: South Africa, Gauteng