I moved to Cape Town 3 years ago and our son has been living with me , I’ve been the sole supporter/provider to him for those 3 years , my husband did not contribute in any way whatsoever. We are waiting on a court date for our divorce, 2 weeks ago I got a call from a “social worker”asking if my husband can call Ethan (our son)I said yes I’ve never refused Ethan to speak to his dad he just never made an effort. So his dad started calling him,then this social social worker asked if Ethan can visit his dad for the holidays I agreed cause i didn’t see an issue with it cause it’s his dad, I then asked the dad where his living now cause he moved to PE and he gave me an address, I googled it and found that there’s no flat building at that particular address this I did after my son left , now it seems that my husband does not want to send my son back to Cape Town his coaxing him on the phone when I call and always has me on speaker when I tell my son I miss him he says I shouldn’t say things like that to Ethan It’s like I’m forcing him to come back. I then phoned the social worker and she says she cannot tell me where my husband stays cause it’s confidential, and now my calls are being kept to a minimum, what is my way forward here, also I have a protection order which was granted to me in 2014 against my husband.

Category:  Family Law, Custody and Guardianship

Region: South Africa, Western Cape