Good Day. The reason I am following the free advice route is that I am currently unemployed and living with my elderly parents. They are living off government pension. I recently came out of a long distance relationship with a woman who is now demanding that I return all items which she had bought/brought to my residence while we were in the relationship (1year and about 3 months). I have become used to using these items on a regular basis, some daily, and feel that she has no right to demand the return of these items. She also stayed with me while recouping from a bout of mental illness (about a month) as well as after a delicate knee operation (about 3 months, if not longer). There were other occasions when she also stayed for extended periods of time. Last December she had her 13yr old daughter with as well. At no time did she ever offer to pay anything towards water and electricity. Shortly after she left the last time, she sent a most insulting and demeaning e-mail to my mother and also cc’d the mail to both my sisters and myself. Am I correct in assuming this is defamation of character? Please help. Paul Lehmann

Category:  Civil Matters, Damages

Region: South Africa, Western Cape