I,m trying to establish if the Police will take this matter seriously(If it warrants their attention at all) I bought a phone from a private seller(Buys and sells phone) for an amount that he advertised in OLX. We initiated the meet and the sale took place. The evening after the sale was done, I noticed that the phone was faulty and reported the matter to him. I requested a meet to get my money back and he agreed. When we met he expressed surprise to the fault of the phone. He had claimed to have used some of the funds and he gave me some of my money back. The issue is that now it seems like he’s avoiding me. I insisted that he gives me something of value to himself and he gave me 3 other phones that are of a value that doesnt really match up to the money owing. I took the phones and held them as security as he showed me his family business and where he resides. At the time that was enough to track him down should I start experiencing problems with him. Last week I spoke to him again and we setup an appointment to get my money, but he was no show. I went to the “family business”, and no one was there. I also went to his place of residence and I was told that he’s not home, of which I didnt really believe.
Is there advise you can offer me to sort this issue.
I have been entertaining the idea of going to the police as I also have our Whatsapp conversations as proof.

Category:  Criminal Law, Victims of Crime

Region: South Africa, Gauteng