Good day, i was given a performance ultimatum a week ago,within 4 days of the ultimatum based on an email that contained stats that i didn’t send due to rushing for a funeral right after working hours, my boss on Monday morning issued a second performance ultimatum and a written warning,during the week of the first ultimatum i was under immense pressure to actually perform not only that the manner in which the ultimatum was issued as well left me quite disturbed, also being in sales it puts pressure on me to bring results as my boss mentioned several things that needed improvement which i agreed to do although during the period of the first ultimatum i felt very demotivated based on the manner in which the whole issue was approached as he had said things that needed proof and even worse he has never taken us or me through HR procedures which he mentioned months ago that he would take us through,right after the discussion on the same i requested a performance break down report and also HR procedures to understand them and apply myself better which he later responded with only a snippet of the HR procedure, while talking about the same performance issue, i asked concerning my salary which comes with commission and his answers were unclear stating that the new payroll system deducts both from the salary and commission earned, he also accused me of being angry while asking on the same issue,yet i needed clarity on the matter which he never had explained anything, every time i have transport issues it becomes an excuse to him even when i try to communicate, i would like advice on the stated issues and also look into the matter of mounting pressure to perform without realistically allowing time to get to deal with issues,i believe as a human being we go through so much and i have been experiencing a lot of issues lately, not that it matters as such but the effects of such affect quite a lot,and is it legal to give 2 ultimatums and warning while still on a 1st ultimatum

Category:  Labour and Employment, Disciplinary Actions

Region: South Africa, Gauteng