I have accepted to do a job for a customer. The job was started late due to manufacturing not being on time. I received a deposit short to what was stipulated in the quote. the customer had told me that they will only have further funds come the 1st of December. I continued the work on the 1st and requested more funds to complete the job as the deposit was short. customers agreed and gave me the funds. arguments then erupted as the client now wanted more done for what they originally accepted being done as per the quote. they forced me to remain on the property till telling me I need to give them a full refund and remove my items. I had the police come out to help me get off the property. they convinced me to carry on for the day to try complete. I am now in a position where there is still some work outstanding but I am in fear of going back due to the threats made. what is my legal right in this regard and can somebody give me advice as I am in fear due for the threats for my family and myself.

Category:  Civil Matters, Defamation

Region: South Africa, Gauteng