i have a small business i started in November 2016 , i service and repair office equipment and supply consumables, i have a client that refuses to pay me for a service i done on the printer as she says the printer still wasn’t working after i left , how ever i told her and she agreed that the ink cartridge is faulty and that she would get it replaced , now she tells me that she had to get another company out to look at the printer as it “wasn’t fixed” after that company was there i spoke to them and they also told her that the ink cartridge is faulty , i feel this is unfair as she never contacted me again before calling the other company , she owes me R490 for the service and refuses to pay , what can i do as i am a very small one man business and don’t have funds for legal procedures

Category:  Business Matters, Accounting and Taxation

Region: South Africa, Gauteng