My ex-parner is trying to get me to kill myself. Because of scenarios created by her in the past i have tried to commit suicide one. It was in the presance of her company. Fortuanetly i didnt die. She is constantly bombarding me with the same acusations that led me to attempt it the first time. It is a very sensitive and emotional matter to me and she knows that. Only now she is pressing on it harder and actually texting me on how to exactly do it. Because the matter involves her animals. (2 dogs) which i was not the cause of her loosing them. I feel I cant just ignore her because it was in the care of my perants that she lost the animals. I was with her at the time when it happened yet still she places the blame squarly on me. What can I do for her to stop? The Tableview police knows her well and she knows how to manipulate the system. Ive gone to them twice on one day yet when they whent there I was made to be the villian and she the victim. I dont know what ells to do. Please help

Category:  Criminal Law, Victims of Crime

Region: South Africa, Western Cape