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I bought a unit in a complex (sectional title) that did not have adequate security bars on the windows, not for crime prevention purposes or adequate enough to prevent my children from simply climbing out, There is also no on site security guards. The conduct rules under security encourage the installation of further bars by the owners but only further down in the document does it state but only with permission from the trustees, this is where the issue comes in I install bars on the inside of my unit which are the same as other units in the complex and also match the sliding security doors on 90% of the glass sliding doors in the complex but without first obtaining permission from the trustees, They now want the bars removed simply because I did not first apply for permission even though other units have the same and it is necessary, they have started charging me for all correspondence relating to the issue and are threatening further action..:-(

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Gauteng