7 months ago i was employed as a Draughtsman with no experience.
I was told i would be sent for training, they sent me on a 3 day fundamentals course just basically to get more knowledge about the drawing program i’m using.

5 months after i have been employed they decided to make me part of a very big project i was nowhere near ready for, i struggled since day 1.
i have no senior draugtsman no manager guiding me, i’m basically running around like a headless chicken.

i am dedicated as i put in extra hours and trying to youtube and google and teach myself.

long story short, i made alot of mistakes with the drawings for this project, the project my boss told me is a learning curve, mentioning he is throwing me into the deep end.

This turned out a mess and now he is blaming everything on me, being all spiteful giving me final written warnings, today i received a letter for a disciplinary hearing for next week .

point is he is trying to fire me now after i tried my best with no manager and no training that i was suppose to get.
another thing is he goes behind my back and tells everyone else besides me that he is going to be spiteful and hold back my salary.

What is the steps i can take against him??
i seriously need the help and advice as I’ve got 2 kids and cant afford to lose my job at this stage.

thank you

Category:  Labour and Employment, Disciplinary Actions

Region: South Africa, Gauteng