Good day,

James previously answered a question I had regarding this matter very well thanks.

I just need to also know the following please before taking this to small claims court.

I contacted Intec and they said they will not pay a refund and that the 80% cancellation fee still applies.

-What is the minimum cooling off period for a 24 month fixed term contract?
-In their terms and conditions it states “This agreement is subject to acceptance by us which will be communicated in writing to you. INTEC college reserves the right to enrol students upon the student meeting all academic and financial requirments.”, but I never received any acceptance letter/email from them?
-If it states in the Terms and Conditions of the contract that “Your intec.me email account shall be used for all official correspondence between the college and yourself”, but now even 4 months later they never provided me with one, could that be grounds for breach of contract?

I am just trying to get my facts straight as I need to represent myself and would like to cover all possible avenues.

Thank you for your advise thus far.

Category:  Civil Matters, Damages

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape