Good day,

I registered with Intec College around the 1st of Aug. They were suppose to send my study material within 21 days and I was suppose to receive my email address from them but I never received anything.

I have now tried cancelling my course with them as I have not received any services from them but they refuse to cancel, saying they sent my study materials and that “Mark” signed for it and that there is a slight delay in sending me the link to my email address, a 4 month delay???

Either way, I paid a deposit of R2500 as well as R615 per month for the last 3 months. I now refuse to pay anything further and they said if I want to cancel then I must pay a 80% cancellation fee, which comes to a further amount of plus minus R9500.

I would like to know what my options are please, as I have paid them according to our agreement, but they never honored their side of the agreement, and telling me that someone called Mark signed for my study material, that was addressed to me unfortunately does not help, because I didnt sign for it and I did not make any arrangements for someone to sign for it, so I see this as a breach of contract as I have not received my study materials within the 21 days and I have also been waiting 4 months for my email address to be activated.

I have tried coming to an agreement with them, telling them they dont have to refund me, but they must then just please cancel the course as I dont want to pay R615 per month towards something that I cant use. They have denied my request and said that the 80% cancellation fee still stands.

I would like to cancel this course and request a refund of moneys paid, request that they pay for any of my legal costs, as well as request them to remove any future non payments to my credit profile because Intec is in breach of contract.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Category:  Civil Matters, Damages

Region: South Africa, Eastern Cape