Good afternoon just a few questions.

My wife and myself has split up, as we just don’t get along anymore, I see my son only every second weekend as I feel I do not have a say on this.

Question 1 – My wife does not have a license and drives my son around, can I do anything about this and keep him with me until she has a license, I feel this is a danger to him.
Question 2 – I have started a new job, my previous job has paid out my provident fund and we used all tis money on furniture and living expenses, we also bought a house, I have been paying the house for the last 5 months that I have left the house, I left with nothing, she keeps all the furniture and the house, while I still pay for this, I also paid an x amount on the deposit for the house, my question is, she is living now on my provident fund that paid out, on divorce am I allowed to claim for half of her pension/provident fund according to the clean break principle.
Question 3 – She wants to file for the divorce, and says it cost R8000, it sounds a lot, what is the easiest way to follow to get divorced?

Kind Regards

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Region: South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal