When I first purchased my flat +/- 10 years ago I obtained written permission to keep 2 cat. They were not allowed outside and in all the years of having them there was never one complaint. Unfortunately I had to rent out my flat for 2 years to take care of my elderly mother who was in ill health and her complex did not allow for animals so I had to give them away.
I moved back into my flat in April this year and a week or so after moving in rescued an abandoned kitten (vet confirmed it was approx 2 weeks old) that had been crying in the courtyard for 2 days. I notified a member of the body corporate that I had found this cat and was told that although they no longer allowed pets due to the amount of problems with people renting and having animals that as I had kept cats before, there had never been a problem and I kept them indoors I could keep this kitten but not to advertise the fact.
Yesterday I approached the same body corporate member as I wanted to adopt a kitten from the SPCA as companionship for the one I had whilst at work and was told in no uncertain terms that I could not obtain another cat and that in fact I should get rid of the one I have as she did me a favour by letting me have it in the first place or as another lady had done who wanted to keep her cat to move out. I told her that neither of the aforementioned was an option and I would fight this if necessary. Please can you give me some advice on how to pursue this matter

Category:  Property, General Disputes

Region: South Africa, Gauteng