Good morning,
I am separated for more than 2 years and i always had a problem with my ex paying maintenance. I did go to court 2 times and i thought it was resolved and he only paid for 2 months and then he told me he got retrenched. i then did go to court after ten working days and the lady told me that he is not working so she can not help me.

i really urgently need advice because there is so much more going on. I don’t want my child to sleep over anymore because last night i caught him buying drugs while my daughter was visiting there.

i don’t know what to do any more because he gets away with everything. He does not care about the court order. He is such a bad influence to Janita(our daughter) and the court told me i am not aloud to keep her from him but i do not want my child exposed to his bad habits and he has anger issues.

He hasn’t paid maintenance for more than two months now and i really need help urgently please. even if i can just get advice so that i know what to do

Your help will really be appreciated.
Thank you very much

Category:  Family Law, Children's Rights

Region: South Africa, Gauteng