we planning on getting married Out of Community with Accrual (not sure if this the correct wording) basically what he had before is his and what we have together is ours.

But i worried about marrying a man who has a currently dormant business. i do not want to loose our house should the company become insolvent or owe monies. im not sure how the business is registered. another thing is he has a house. i would like to know what happens if his house is later sold and proceeds used towards the new house which we will own together. Does this mean the monies used from the sale of his house form part of his share, if we dont get married COP.
E.G his house was sold at R1000.00
value of new house is R2000.00
He owns R1000.00 from his old house plus R500.00 from the new house
I own R500.00

I am also not sure if this is the only option we have. But i do not want to take on debt that he already had that may affect me and the kids in future.

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