Good day. I have a protection order against my sons father. However I did allow him to see our son as often as he liked and he paid maintenance in cash most months. The man is violent, I am not the only one to have a protection order against him, he is on drugs and emotionally and physically abusive. However not to our son. I have recently moved to a new province, he knows I am here but he does not know I do no intention to return. I have a job here, after having resigned from my previous employer for personal reasons. I believe he has found a lawyer and is seeking us out. My gut instinct is to tell him I am now employed and won’t be returning, however I just need legal advice on where my rights stand. His maintenance and contact with our son has not always been constant but he has made an effort for the past year or so. Many thanks.

Category:  Family Law, Custody and Guardianship

Region: South Africa, Gauteng