One of the staff had gone to our directors to say they saw other staff members doing illegal acts on the campus , my name was mentioned that I also saw them in this act , so I told the directors what I saw. All three accused staff have disciplinary hearings set up , which we have no choice but to come sit in to say our statement. One of the accused though rejected to the hearing as the lawyer she felt was not in a position to be fair on the situation. Its been 2 weeks since this all happened , and the Friday that just passed , they asked me for a written statement for the last hearing and today I get an calendar invite saying I have to be present there. I need to know where my rights kick in , When can I say no to this? As it feels like the company is just using me to where they feel is best now and I have no say in protecting myself , not to mention , I have already been threatened at work for other staff. Please help me , hearing is tomorrow and I need this advice.

Category:  Labour and Employment, Unfair Labour Practices

Region: South Africa, Gauteng